Thursday, October 17, 2013

Polynesian Nazca Lines In South America

The Nazca lines in Peru have befuddled scientists and archaeologists for decades. Theories range from Alien space travelers to ancient Peruvian tribes.

Until now, no researcher has approached the Nazca Lines from a Southeast Asian religious conceptual point of view. That view, practiced by Hindus today, embraces a sky deity who reigns over multiple layers of heavens, each populated by humans, animals and birds.

Polynesians were believers of the sky god, Tagaloa, and his eight layers of heavens who guided them safely beyond the horizons during their voyaging travels.

In their belief, still relevant today, whales, sharks, turtles and birds were messengers of Tagaloa and the spirits of their ancestors who guided them across the oceans.

The Nazca images reflect those beliefs. The ancient Polynesians, stranded in the Peruvian desert appealed to Tagaloa for spiritual messages and a safe return to their islands.

Watch this 2:36 video explanation of  the Polynesian drawings at the Nazca Lines.

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